Who are the two gay members in Pentatonix


Within a short time frame, the group has taken the music industry by storm with at least 3 Grammy Awards to their name. In addition to Pentatonix, Grassi has other things going for him like Superfruit, a musical and comedy duo he formed with his super best friend and fellow Pentatonix member Scott Hoying. Is Mitch Grassi Gay? The bond those two share has been likened to that of old couples who are still in love. I mean they do virtually everything together and know more about each other than many married couples out there. Their music and style have helped parents able to accept their gay children more. Before the OUT list got published, Mitch and Scott were referred to as the cute gay members of Pentatonix and they never denied it. On numerous occasions, Mitch has referred to Scott as his husband, forcing many to wonder if they secretly got married. Well, the fact is they are not married, they like to play with these words but there could be a possibility of a romantic relationship between these two. Wow I love my husband — Mitch Grassi mitchgrassi July 24, In their interview with Billboard Magazine , the two apparently knew every favorite thing of each other from colours to animals to movie what the other would typically order at a fast food and even who takes more time to get ready.

Pentatonix Singer Mitch Grassi: Pop’s Unlikely Radical

See the end of the chapter for notes. Okay so actually the latter idea was just one of my strange fantasies, but Scott really did have his heart set on taking me somewhere nice, which I think was extremely sweet of him. We were about to leave at 6:

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November 28, at 7: The quintet became an a cappella sensation when Scott Hoying brought the group together. He is also one half of the duo, Superfruit, with bandmate, Mitch Grassi. This duo have always made fans wonder if they are item. Are the two Pentatonix members gay? Despite losing the contest, their performance went viral on YouTube. A post shared by Scott Hoying scotthoying on Nov 27, at 3: Advertisement Though the trio met Avi and Kevin the day before season 3 auditions, they were beyond impressive and won the show.

They soon moved to L. A post shared by Scott Hoying scotthoying on Nov 25, at 3: They produce covers and medleys using instruments and electronic music equipment. But their videos are most popular for their humorous vlogs, which often feature appearances from fellow YouTubers and personalities like Miranda Sings and Maisie Williams.

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But what about Mitch Grassi married life? Or, is Mitch Grassi still dating someone? As he is openly gay, he has a boyfriend whom he loves too much. So, who is Mitch Grassi boyfriend? Mitch Grassi Dating, Boyfriend, or Married? However, a rumor of his secret marriage and his pregnant lover also surfaced.

They decided to launch one together.

The year-old former Big Brother star attended multiple Halloween parties with the guys this past week in New York City. So is Mike, Mike is also very smart. You can see lots of photos of the three guys together, including pics from a trip to Universal Studios Orlando, in the gallery Listen to the song below via Spotify, download it on iTunes, and check out our exclusive interview with Frankie below!

What is the song about and why are you releasing this one first? How did you come up with the concept of your upcoming EP? I literally went through shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing and acceptance which is now the order of songs and stages on the EP. What can we look forward to in the next few months? The next stage will come out in November and another one in December! We can have a sing along together at shows next year.


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They left about an hour ago, and afterwards I fell right asleep, exhaustion washing over my body.

See the end of the chapter for notes. Chapter Text Scott sat with Kirstie in the lounge. They were currently watching Avi and Kevin play a video game. They were far enough from the other two and they were so wrapped up in their game that they probably weren’t paying attention to Scott and Kirstie’s conversation anyway.

It was Sunday night and curfew was in thirty minutes so Scott decided to just ask Kirstie what he wanted to ask. I just want to know what happened. Why would he say that I’d get a different version from you guys?

Is Mitch Grassi Gay Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Wiki

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A post shared by Scott Hoying scotthoying on Jul 24, at 9:

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Scott Hoying: Is he Gay, Age Height, And Pentatonix

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The speculations and rumors that Mitch and Scott are dating got so out of hand, Mitch had to address it in a funny-ish tweet: Mitch Grassi is openly gay, and Scott Hoying has dated a man before but hasn’t come out as gay or bisexual, however, fans all over the world think these two are dating each other! If you’ve ever wondered about his dating history, affairs and want a definite answer to whether or not he is dating band member Scott Hoying, we’ve got a treat for you! An existing segment on their videos is “Weekly Obsessions”, where they update viewers on their weekly obsessions, which “change all the time They’ve known each other since around at age 8 – 10 Elizabeth Estrada, another Quora user says: Pentatonix has indeed been successful selling millions of records and making its group members millionaires.

Details About His Affairs! A post shared by Mitch Grassi mitchgrassi on Jul 5, at 1: Scott Hoying might be obviously gay, however, whether or not his relationship with Mitch Grassi is beyond just friends is best known to them until they decide to reveal it. Both grew up together with fellow bandmate Kirstie Maldonado and were schoolmates at Martin High School. We have so many memories together, and I think that we feel more comfortable around each other than we do than around anyone in the entire world.

Mitch is gay and Scott has been in a relationship with a man before he hasn’t confirmed whether he is gay or bisexual , but they are not a couple – just roommates and very close friends since childhood. While in high school together, they dated for two weeks. Scott, Mitch and their band Pentatonix competed on Season 3 of The Sing-Off, becoming the winner of the competition and securing a record deal with the Sony-owned label Madison Gate Records.

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By Justin Moran April 10 4: IV – Classics , features seven of the most iconic tracks in pop music history. OUT caught up with Grassi to discuss the duality of his music career, side project Superfruit with Scott Hoying and obsession with all things Maison Margiela. I love these photos because they show such a different side of you than the one often portrayed through Pentatonix.

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They decided to launch one together. Superfruit consists mainly of vlogs about the duo’s daily lives and various casual games and competitions, but the channel also features a number of musical projects. Most videos feature just Hoying and Grassi, however several include other artists or guests. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message Superfruit has had many different end segments to their videos, which have varied over time but as of September consist of Song of the Week and Weekly Obsessions. The ‘Weekly Obsessions’ segment began from the first Superfruit episode and has continued ever since.

They usually consist of items that Grassi or Hoying have recently purchased, and are often items of clothing.

FANTASY (feat. Amber Liu) by SUPERFRUIT

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