UAB’s “speed dating” event brings employers, job seekers together


How it Works MixerSeater is an automatic seating planner for speed networking events. Upload or enter the list of your attendees and get your seating arrangement on-line within a couple of minutes. Event Formats typically attendees participating even up to ! Assign people to tables in each session so that by the end each person has met the largest number of unique people. Instead of meeting just one person at a time, participants, typically persons at one table, meet for sessions rounds that last a couple of minutes each. Only one person at a table speaks at a time. When everybody at each table have finished, the session ends. Everyone moves on to the next, pre-assigned table to meet a brand new group of people. The key is to meet only new people in each round. Just try to do come up with such a seating chart yourself, using Excel or a sheet of paper.

Starting a Speed Dating Service

The kind and amount of information divulged—about the users themselves, the places they work, visit or live—are not only useful for people looking for a date, but also to attackers who leverage this information to gain a foothold into your organization. The first stage of our research seeks to answer these main questions: Given a known target e.

For a given account on an online dating network, is it possible to track them to their other social profiles—i.

Here are 10 powerful networking questions — listed in no particular order — to keep awkward silence and fruitless small talk at bay.

Posted by Tim Decker in Corporate Event Ideas Looking for a fun new way to promote a higher level of engagement among attendees at your corporate events? One of the perks of corporate events is the opportunity it offers for attendees to network with other like-minded professionals. The problem, however, is that most people fail to utilize their time at the event efficiently; thus, they leave with just a couple business cards and no real relationships.

The Basics of Speed Networking Speed networking takes a different approach to the traditional meet-and-greet at corporate events. As the name suggests, it involves making short, straight-to-the-point conversations before moving on to the next attendee. Attendees typically gather in a conference room or some other confined space where one-on-one conversations occur every couple of minutes.

No one knows who exactly is responsible for inventing speed networking. However, there general belief is that it derived from speed dating. Rabbi Yaaco Deyo pioneered speed dating in the mid-to-late s as a way for singles to meet other singles. The newfound success of this unconventional method spurred the concept of speed networking in the early s, at which point it also grew in popularity. Time is limited during speed networking rounds, so keep your conversations short and to the point.

Plan your questions out in advance, before the speed networking rounds begin. If you want to learn more about the other attendees or his or her professional work, ask for a business card before the round is over. Follow-up with your contacts after the corporate event is over.

How to Open a Dating Service Business

Because WordPress is much different than when this post was originally posted in That was soooo limiting to the true power of WordPress back then and such negative verbiage has pretty much left the conversation when WordPress comes up, thank goodness. Here we are in spring of Still today, after all these years, we use WordPress for the entire Here Next Year website…including the blog part. Go to any of the main pages of this site showcased in the top navigation and, yep, still WordPress.

WordPress websites offer much more than the few five or ten benefits you usually hear about.

Unfortunately, that aspect of her business has been hit hardest by the recession, as clients reconsider the price they’re willing to pay for luxury items.

Sometimes finding the perfect date means seeking assistance from an experienced matchmaker or relationship expert. If you find that either one of those situations rings true for people you know, consider starting a dating services business that helps people meet potential life partners. You can open and operate this low-cost start-up business from home, if you have a private home office where you can meet with potential clients to discuss their dating needs and preferences.

Research the dating industry to get an idea of the types of services and products these businesses offer to people who are navigating the dating scene. You may elect to help recent college graduates find dates with other recent graduates, your business could help women over 50 find dates or you may set up a dating service that targets professional men who own their own businesses. Research your local market to see if there are other dating services that target a similar market.

Find out what services they offer, where they advertise and their approach to attracting clients. Come up with ways to differentiate yourself, whether through pricing, offering varied services or creating an exciting personality for your dating services business. Come up with a list of services you plan to offer. You might offer matchmaking, provide date night ideas, give coaching on what do and what not do on a first date, assist clients with selecting body-appropriate wardrobes or host speed dating events.

Jacksonville Business, Single and Social Events Speed Dating

Give Something Back Speed Networking Tips Follow these speed networking tips and take along a good load of business cards and make the most of your next speed event. Find out the format of the event Different speed networking events are structured in different ways. Some have the whole of the time period allocated to speed networking whilst others have built-in time for more in-depth discussion with those whom you feel you want to talk further to.

Knowing the format of the event will help you prepare yourself. Establish how long you have with each person you meet Once you know how long you have you can prepare your elevator pitch or 60 seconds accordingly. Establish whether you will be asked to follow a set format for your time with each participant You may be instructed to talk about specific areas — who you are, your company, what your company does, how you help other or it may be left entirely up to you about what you talk about in the given time.

Note that these are examples and you can work creatively to come up with your own variations of these questions.

Hello everybody and welcome back to the official BNI podcast, brought to you by networkingnow. How are you today Ivan? How is the weather out there? The weather is always sunny in southern California. You have an interesting topic today. I have worked with speed networking in another type of organization that I had tested the waters in before I had gotten involved with BNI.

To tell you the truth, I actually enjoyed it and felt that I had gotten a lot out of it. Speed working networks are showing up all over the world. They tend to be a fun, exciting initial way to make initial connections. Speed networking programs generally involve people meeting each other for a short interval and then moving on to the next person in line. They tend to be pretty structured in a way that people kind of queue up to meet.

Speed Dating / Networking event

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Best Options for Networking Event Meal Plans If you are going to have meals with your event, the smoothest experience I have had so far was a set menu with preordering.

Ever wondered what it takes to drive a successful business? Or what the journey was like for a new startup? Each Rockstar will be assigned a table and have between minutes with approx. To answer questions and share their tips to success, before we ring the bell and each group changes tables. Over the course of an hour event attendees will have the chance to speak with our 8 different Rockstars! The Kanata North business community is a rich eco system of outstanding companies who are pioneering the technology for tomorrow.

Its Speed Dating Business Style—an excellent opportunity for our Rockstars to give back to the community and to those who could benefit from your insights. Space is limited and roundtable seats will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

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How else are you going to meet the right person at the right time? The best places to network let you meet people under positive auspices. You share a common cause. The premise of the event makes it easy to break the ice. You can come back to these places again and again, making closer connections and building trust. Where are these places, and how do you find them?

But you must be able to connect and attract singles who are seeking for relationship and also you must be very creative in organizing events that will provide the platform for singles to connect with little or no stress.

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25 Best Places to Network

Wednesday, November 7, , 3: A structured opportunity to meet accomplished professionals just like yourself, face to face, one business professional at time. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, legal or medical professional, in the finance, real estate or entertainment industry – our events offer the perfect occasion to expand your business, social or enterprise contacts. All in a setting and speed – just your style.

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How to Slow Down and Speed Up Time As we now approach the sunset of the summer season, take a look back on the last few months. Does it seem like your summer lasted forever, that it slowly floated along in a hot haze? Or did these last few months seem to go by in a blink? Your answer to that question will likely depend on your age. And once you understand it, you can become something of a time wizard — quickening or slowing the way time feels, and even making your life seem longer than it really is.

Living on Brain Time Time is a fixed dimension. Yet how we perceive time is not always so accurate. Depending on our circumstances, time may seem to contract or expand, speed up or slow down. In contrast to our other senses like touch and taste, which are located in specific parts of our brains, our sense of time is woven throughout our neural matter.

Instead, Eagleman explains , our minds filter the info before presenting it to us: In the aftermath, you probably remembered the experience in vivid detail. Riders are dropped, on their backs, into a foot freefall.

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