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Hooking up Your Tow Dolly to Your Truck Your Penske representative will demonstrate how to hook up the tow dolly to your truck at the time of rental. If it is necessary for you to disconnect the tow dolly to load your truck, follow the instructions below to reattach the tow dolly. The coupler-locking device must be in the full open position. Place the coupler of the tow dolly over the two-inch hitchball on your rental truck. Be sure the coupler is fully seated down over the hitchball. Completely lock the coupler. If the tow dolly is equipped with a lever-type coupler, the lever must be in the down position and the locking pin inserted.

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If you’re traveling with a trailer on a daily basis, you’ll appreciate If you’re traveling with a trailer on a daily basis, you’ll In addition to the changes in the head, Weight Distributing Kits includes the highest rated spring bars per class in Transform your vehicle into a reliable load-hauling machine by installing this superior trailer hitch.

Sponsor letter from a towing facility owner or training school verifying that the candidate is qualified to take a test of this level.

In fact, while each state has its own laws and regulations governing everything from size limits to weight restrictions, the one thing they all have in common is that your trailer must be wired for tail lights, brake lights and turn signals. Unfortunately, not all trailer electrical wiring is compatible with the wires of your car, truck, van or SUV. We manufacture T-Connectors, wiring converters, wiring connectors, adapters, brake controls and more to make towing safe for you and the drivers around you.

Best of all, our products install quickly and easily with simple do-it-yourself instructions. Number one in Towing! Our brake controls are designed for use with one to four axle systems. Our electric trailer brake controls are available in digital and non-digital models as well as proportional and time base styles. The pre-assembled wire harnesses offers simple hook-up and quick disconnect.

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The intent of the changes were to re-establish the authority to regulate towing ordinances and operating procedures in the hands of municipal and state police. We received a letter from the Division of Consumer Affairs notifying us that the changes did not provide the exemptions and law enforcement tows are still subject to the requirements of the Act. We have reached out to Senator Sarlo and DCA and are in the process of setting up meetings to rectify this issue.

In the meantime, we advise that you follow the Predatory Towing Act as it applies to police towing. Currently, we have the American Trucking Association, OOIDA, the Insurance Council and two pieces of legislation in the state who have researched and collected data on the issue of overcharging and want to regulate commercial pricing in the towing industry. Since the last snow storm we are dealing with several complaints regarding overcharging on the state police rates.

Removing the lower bunk and adding seating for kids is a fairly simple project if you are handy and enjoy the work.

Tow in comfort and safety with the proper gear, and make your life easier around This superior product is perfect to make your trailer towing experience safe and convenient Features a folding shank. Transform your vehicle into a reliable load-hauling machine by installing this superior trailer hitch. With this product that is made This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come.

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We’re so glad you found us! If you’re looking for any tie-down or accessory, you’re in the right place. Please take a look around our site and if you run into any trouble or you’re looking for an item that you can’t find, click the live chat during normal business hours Eastern time or ask us here. We can source or customize most products.

Shipping Costs We know shipping charges can be a real nuisance.

In addition to our 10 wreckers we also have 3 tractors and multiple trailers including tilt decks, an RGN, dry box and reefers.

Basic Lifting Technique Click images for larger view Back up to the disabled unit allowing feet between units. Get out and check the alignment. Install grade 70 20 foot chains by “basketing” the entire area suspension of the disabled truck. Attach chains to the inside of the frames, going down between the brake cam and the axle to pick up both rear axles of the towed unit. One chain on each side will provide enough length to use the remaining chain for safety loops.

Once both chains are hooked to the towed unit, pull the remaining chain to the back of the towed unit. Return to the tow tractor and back up to within 1″ to 2″ of the towed unit. Hook up the tow chains by taking up the slack and hooking into the Pro-Tote lifting bar hooks.


Most towing companies also equip their towing trucks with wheel-lift and under-reach technology that enable them to provide damage-free and high-powered towing. Although sometimes your vehicle may be towed with regular tow trucks, there may also be times when you will need to hire the services of a heavy duty towing company. Following are 4 types of vehicles that need heavy duty towing sometimes:

Fully apply the parking brakes on your Penske rental truck and your towed vehicle.

A gooseneck trailer is attached to a tow vehicle via a ball which has been fitted into the bed of a tow vehicle rather than via a ball attached to the rear of a tow vehicle. Gooseneck hitches are also more stable on the road, less susceptible to trailer sway, and easier to maneuver in tight spaces. The components of a gooseneck trailer hookup include the ball and hitch assembly located in the bed of your tow vehicle, the coupler on the trailer, safety chains, a breakaway brake system cable, jack feet on the trailer, trailer legs into which the jack feet retract and an electrical connection.

The electrical connection on a gooseneck trailer is generally a 7 pin connection that provides power to running lights, brake and turn signal lights, electric brakes on the trailer and power for any power accessories included with the trailer. The first step in hooking up your gooseneck trailer is backing your tow vehicle into position so that the ball is centered underneath the coupler of your trailer.

Before positioning your tow vehicle, be sure that the coupler on the trailer is positioned high enough to clear the ball of the tow vehicle, as well as any other unmovable obstructions in your bed. If the tow vehicle has a tailgate, be sure to lower the tailgate before backing the tow vehicle into position. It is important to note that, depending on hitch placement in the bed of your truck, it may be necessary for you to close the tailgate before moving the truck further rearward to avoid damage to your tailgate or trailer.

Ensure that the trailer coupler is unlatched and locked in the up position Lower the trailer down onto the ball using the trailer jack system Continue to raise the jack until the jack feet are completely raised into the trailer legs as far as they will go Raise both jack feet fully into the legs of the trailer by pulling the foot release pin and turning it 90 degrees to the locked position. Ensure coupler is locked onto the ball and that the coupling pin handle is locked into place against the coupler.

Download and print our ” Pre-trip Trailering Safety Checklist ” and keep a copy with your trailer. A pre-trip safety inspection only takes minutes but can pay big dividends in safety for years down the road.

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Bookmark this website and comeback for more great self-help RV safety information! In recent years, the big three truck makers have really made waves with the extremely high payload and towing capacities. Additionally, the cost of buying these big one ton trucks have skyrocketed as well. As you will read in the article below, a used and well maintained HDT can be the lowest cost to buy, and it’s certainly the safest to tow any RV trailer available.

The requirements and regulations differ from state to state.

Tumino’s Dispatch will help ensure your drivers get prompt service. Mobile Road Our trucks are loaded with equipment to service your every need. Full Service We do it all – from routine maintenance work to major engine repair. Light, Medium and We have the right equipment on hand for all of your towing needs.

Emergency We have extensive experience in emergency recovery services. Equipment Hauling We will move your fleet any were in the U. Learn more about our wide range of services and see how we can help you. What Our Customers Are Saying Thank you for staffing your business with great people “Today began as a very stressful day. However, as soon as your operator from Elizabeth, NJ, Matt came in he shook hands with the Trooper and then treated me very professionally to the point that I became at ease.

Not only that, Matt then proceeded to offer me a ride to my school so I could serve my students. Matt represents your company in a super manner. It was awesome meeting this young man.

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