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By Stephanie Wolf stephanie. Highlights from the conversation are below. Click the audio above to listen to the full interview. It can go to people’s heads — I can see how it would.

There isn’t some big machine behind what we do, and I think that’s refreshing to people.

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Five Things to Know About The Lumineers

Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. The Lumineers are unquestionably Colorado’s biggest musical success story of the last few years. The Americana outfit is therefore a fitting headliner for tonight’s concert celebrating the inauguration of governor John Hickenlooper , who is starting is second term.

Hickenlooper is a longtime fan of the band and a slew of other Colorado artists, frequently championing them in interviews and featuring them in his official programming. Ahead of the show, we spoke with Lumineers cellist and vocalist Neyla Pekarek about why she makes music and her unusual pre-show rituals.

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Wesley is the guitarist and lead vocalist for the American folk rock band The Lumineers. Together they’ve made two albums, the first of which went platinum, and this year’s ‘Cleopatra’, which has been at number one in the UK. On the eve of performing at the Latitude Festival, Wesley talks to HuffPostUK about some of the bigger thoughts he’s had along the way, and how one fan moved him especially How do you deal with negativity?

I think there are different kinds of negativity in life. Some negativity can sting, and other kinds seem have no weight. If something strikes a nerve, I tend to think it’s because deep down, I agree with that negative thought or comment. And I’ll try to learn from it and improve. If it’s just someone spouting off, I can let it go pretty easily. It wasn’t always the case, but I think it’s something I’ve learned over time.

When and where are you happiest? I’m happiest at that moment when i feel like I’m totally exhausted and have achieved what I set out to do – whether it’s a long hike into the mountains or playing a show in degree heat. I love that feeling of reward after a hard day’s work. Without exhaustion, the reward feels empty.

The Lumineers

The band infuses sounds from Rock, Metal, Blues and funk to create a fusion of sound that cuts through today’s modern noise. In a time where people are questioning “Is rock and roll dead? MACH 22 – 8:

What keeps you grounded?

Cleopatra is all about perspective and The Lumineers have successfully and cleverly captured that, putting a deeper existential turn on their otherwise easy-going acoustic vibe. Alluding to the Shakespearean tragic character, Schultz is sentimental to the point of almost becoming annoying, but what ultimately saves the song is its unique perspective. This is more than a song about impossible love — it is rather a song about a love complicated by fame and the spotlight, which gives its modern relevance.

The track tells the story of a woman filled with regrets about her past. There is almost no trace of earlier nonchalance and idyllic Americana simplicity, even thought The Lumineers sound just as comfortable in a darker strain of their rhythmic folk with gospel elements. The melodies are still as simple and captivating, but also evidently interlaced with a more restrained and tense sound.

And even the guitar is electric more often than not, highlighting the colder, more introspective vibe of their new music. The sophomore album reveals a more disciplined songwriting and a pensive look at what makes us human. Get The Album Here:

Interview: The Lumineers

Written by Denham Sadler on Mar 29, A fortunate crowd were treated to a warm and engaging performance by The Lumineers in the familiar surrounds of The Corner Hotel last week. The connection was obvious between the pair, and accompanied by just guitar and at times a stomp box and melodica, the sparse backing allowed the enchanting vocals to shine. Joined by two extra, now full-time members on bass and keys, the line up created a more layered and full sound compared to the album.

It also featured drummer Jeremiah Fraites standing and utilising the roof for a drum kit. The band also played a brand new, as yet untitled song; a duet between Schultz and Pekarek that showcased her wonderful voice, something all too rare on their first record. The song was a lovely change of pace for the show and it seems destined to be their next big song.

How do you deal with negativity?

The Lumineers April 3rd, The Lumineers deliver on promise of a beautiful night in the The band announced Thursday Oct. Born and raised in Denver, Pekarek began playing the cello at age nine and earned a degree in music education before joining The Lumineers in Who Is Neyla Pekarek? The band’s success continued with the follow-up album Cleopatra, which featured It’s a song close to their hearts, with this cover being recorded backstage ahead of one of their shows upon Person who would play you in a movie:

The Lumineers Wesley Keith Schultz & Date Kiss departing Pre-GRAMMY Gala Party in LA

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