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I would like to inform you that the currently growing talks of making a T-ara member an outcast and discord within the group is not related to the truth. The difference in will that the T-ara members were referring to was not about coming on and off stage. The most important thing to staff and to stars is his or her health. Eun Jung once had a time she slipped and fell on an icy road and tore a ligament while Ji Yeon once injured her leg during a drama shooting leading her to be in a cast. Additionally during the recent Japan tour, during the Osaka concert Ji Yeon crashed into a lighting equipment leading to a fracture in her nasal bone and though the hospital recommended emergency surgery and though our staff and the concert attendees were against her standing on stage, Ji Yeon would not let go of her intent to go on stage leading her to finish her performance and, upon returning to Korea, be admitted to the hospital for three days to receive surgery and treatment. Hwa Young injuring her leg and unable to stand on stage was done for her protection. Despite her insisting she wanted to go on stage, all our staff and the T-ara members stopped her and Hwa Young followed her will to only stand on stage for Day by Day. Therefore, the talk of differences in will by the T-ara members were not about coming on, and off, stage. There are countless staff and managers who are giving their all for these stars while receiving a relatively low pay. Additionally, the managers and most staff members are living in small-sized houses or dorms shared with some 3 to 7 other individuals.

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Not only had she hooked up with Search date hookup dating Cruise when he was just a budding young star in the early ’80s, but she could report that he was one of her top five lovers of all time. The confirmation comes just days after Gwen avoided discussing her relationship status during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. In another photo, Stefani—wearing her hair in a bun on the top of her head—is spotted looking up adoringly at Shelton as they chat at the spooky shindig.

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Blingee stamps used I thought Peta and Charlie had a killer dance.

Now , formerly Dalmatian Korean: Dalmatian released a second music video teaser of their debut digital single “Round 1” on August 25, It was followed by the song and video’s full release on September 1, and the group officially debuted on the following day on Mnet’s music program M! On May 7, , Dalmatian announced that Day Day had dropped out of their group due to personal reasons, and member Simon who had left the group before debut due to personal reasons would rejoin the group.

The group then changed its name to DMTN, following its move to a new label. With Daniel’s marijuana scandal, the group was put on hiatus. Members denied the possibilities of a comeback and their individual activities were taking place, this led to the conclussion that the group had disbanded. Member Simon was also featured on another track on Humanimal.

All seven of the DMTN members have been revealed to have previous experience with performing. Da-ri was featured in MC Mong’s fourth and fifth album, as well as his concert “Variety Mind” along with member Jee-su. However, nothing else was heard until the release of their first music video teaser on August 25, , through Mnet and other online portal sites. It means that DMTN will enter the music world and leave their mark.

The following day, they made their official debut on Mnet’s M!

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Early life[ edit ] Jang started working as a child model at the age of five after he was discovered by a talent agent. At that time, Jang’s parents were selling their house and the agent, who was a prospective buyer, saw Jang. Seeing his potential, the agent advised Jang’s parents to allow him to try a career in modeling. He then continued to work in television as a child actor. Final where he played the role of a deaf boy.

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Brightwing , Malfurion Stormrage Odd Friendship: Any Deity with pink hair Elite Tauren Chieftain is a famous Musician known all accross the World of Azeroth and it shows as he can found battling numerous heroes in The Nexus or in a quiet Inn as a prominent player. The next big objective in ETC’s mind was get a spot in the Pantheon and he surely did in a spectacular way. After reviewing his history and finding out that his Music had an interesting Charm into it Which mean that his music made people near him dance Uncontrollably he was allowed to have the title of Involuntary Dancing.

It should be noted that Mosh Pit’s influence is so strong that ETC can even perform it beyond the grave! His band used to have different names over the course of thier career. He sports a particularly pink goatie, which he is really proud of. As a result, he has made friends with many people who also has Pink hair and is not ashamed to admit that his Favourite color is Pink.

Believe or not, ETC and his band used to be buddies with Arthas before. Apparently, he was the lead Guitarist of the band and even had a part in the making of “The Power of the Horde”. Unusually for him, ETC became friends with Sona Buvelle given that both have the power to make other people Dance uncontrollably.

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Early life[ edit ] Lee Joon-gi first became interested in the performing arts as a high school student after watching a performance of Hamlet. He moved to Seoul with a dream to work in the entertainment industry rather than getting into college. For the next couple of years, Lee worked at various part-time jobs before he got accepted into the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

The same thing goes to Hyori and Rain.

K-pop fandom is not safe from these people, and lately, with the rumors of love between Telisha Shaw and Junsu of JYJ increasing, these hateful people have really started to come out of the woodworks. Their hatefullness is not just spurned from jealousy, but from racism. For too long, Black women have been considered the lowest of the low, the bottom of the barrel, and the least desirable women in the world. Even our own men seem to not want us sometimes.

We all know its not true, but it hurts. So what happens when a beautiful Black woman comes along, and steals the heart of a non-Black man who is beloved by many women of all races in the world? Of course, there will be jealousy; the typical kind between two women that are fighting over the same man. This beautiful, attractive, smart and totally worthy Black woman becomes reduced to becoming a receptacle of hateful, racist remarks and death threats.

Are we still living in a world like this?

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The past 1st of April was quite crazy for a lot of fangirls out there. The truth is, the first thing i thought 0. Turns out it was. Shortly after, the internet literally exploded with the news that SM Entertainment had indeed confirmed the dating rumors of Kai and Krystal. It was time to accept.

In indexes like Beijing and Shanghai, new people help unmarried men and women find a date who captures their heart — not just Mom and.

Abnormal weather cause for the high ratings? The spring season of TV doramas has arrived and across-the-board there have been ratings higher than usual these days. Other doramas that started one week earlier such as “Rinjo 2” and “Team Batista 2” also were able to gain higher ratings during their second week , a rare sight among doramas in general. What’s the cause for all this?

Are the doramas really that much better this season or is it something else? J-Cast thinks that the unseasonable and cold weather that is currently hanging over Japan might be the actual reason for the above average ratings. It’s not just the signs of rain that make people want to stay at home and watch TV, on the 17th it even has been snowing in Tokyo again.

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S The rumors and theories are not by me. All i did was collate them and put them in point detail. Like what i said before, my purpose for this. Is that these rumors would not be further exaggerated by other sources, if i posted it up first. Another is that, regardless of whether these are true or not, my point is, we should all work in showing SM SHINee is a group worth investing in much more than before.

Because regardless if all these are rumors or not, SHINee World is pretty much in chaos already with what have been happening these days.

Here are what i posted on twitter before.

From that viewpoint, the world of K-pop girl groups looks dandy and nice, full of anticipated success and bops for days. Under the silver lining, however, lies the elephant in the room — the ever-relevant, but slowly fading Second Generation of Girl Groups. S SM Entertainment , Fin. And while fans rally around newer groups, these once-domineering forces in the K-pop world are beginning to fall apart. Why is girl group death such a trend right now?

From to , the four member girl group found incredible success — number-one hit after number-one hit, physical sales in the hundred-thousands, and even love calls from international legends like will. But everything went downhill in , when YG sent them off on a world tour instead of allowing them to release an album. The long hiatus, without focused and sustained activities in Korea or any album releases, left fans both domestic and international impatient and frustrated.

But many fans stuck around, only for things to then get worse. Park Bom was hit with her infamous drug scandal in , something that YG could have handled much, much better, but instead left the group to a now even longer hiatus. The result leaves their future incredibly unstable: Will their summer comeback, as promised by YG, ever actually happen?

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But it’s back now and so am I. For those of you who haven’t heard the story, this is the basic outline. Busker Busker’s drummer a white American named Brad had an interview with a music site named Noisey.

The nicest person is Sungmin and Donghae and the most annoying one for her, again is Shindong.

Secret marriage, lawsuits, rumors: But they are often the scrutiny of the limelight themselves, prompting news, sometimes rumors and controversies. Here are the top entertainment news items that made headlines in Marriage and divorce of Seo and E On April 21, Sports Seoul, a local newspaper, revealed that legendary singer Seo Tai-ji, 39, and actress E Ji-ah, 30, were once lawfully married and were filing for a divorce.

Specifically, E had filed for alimony and division of property amounting to 5 billion won through a Korean law firm, Barun Law, earlier this year. According legal sources, the couple got married in in the United States, shortly after Seo announced his retirement as a singer, disbanding the sensational music group Seo Tai-ji and the Boys. The couple had lived in Atlanta and Arizona. The news quickly kicked off a controversy as both the singer and the actress had been thought to be single.

Particularly, E had recently admitted dating actor Jung Woo-sung. E dropped the alimony and division of property lawsuit on April Seo released a statement on his official website on the same day explaining their relationship. Kang Ho-dong accused of tax evasion In August, Kang Ho-dong, 41, a popular show host and comedian, was accused of tax evasion. Shortly thereafter, Kang announced tentative retirement from the media for having caused controversy.

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It means a lot to them because lots of fans were waiting for the release of the title track. I really want this album to hit the jackpot. Each of us has the responsibilities like a leader to remind us about life.

Clicking your tongue at these companies won’t help the situation if you continue to buy albums, watch music video and cast votes.

Infinite comes back With “Man In Love”! She was working as a make up artist and a wardrobe assistant for 6 years until last July and shared some insight view of the industry we were talking until 4 in the morning. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here. Most of the stories are old stories that already here mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread.

That immortal thread because I want to hear her view about it. So here they are: I envy her I just think an inside perspective will be interesting to shared.

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She was working as a make up artist and a wardrobe assistant for 6 years until last July and shared some insight view of the industry we were talking until 4 in the morning. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here.

Nov 14, Lee Hi talked about her unit member, Suhyun, during an interview in Mapo-gu on Netizens compare G-Dragon and Taeyeon’s Instagram activity and conclude that.

Idols dating – my how the times have changed! Immediately fans from both sides swarmed forums and Kpop news outlets lamenting the too quick end of the couple. Junhyung himself also released a statement confirming that the couple are still happily together, although they have not had much time to spend together. The reaction from the fans was a resounding sigh of relief and happiness. And they lived happily ever after.

Well not entirely, but my how times have changed, especially about idols dating idols. We often hear stories of idols being forbidden by their companies from having relationships lest they upset and lose fans. This means the crazy fangirls can sigh after their idol boys, writing love notes and doing other bizarre acts to show off their devotion, and the crazy fanboys can write fanfics and other imaginary items to satisfy their fantasies. Either way, single idols are easier to market and sell.

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