i think my boyfriend is a mamas boy!! help


What to do when Mr. It all comes back to that one theory: So, if your boyfriend acts like the woman who gave him life is a queen, you can expect the royal treatment, right? Or, you may have landed yourself that guy who never really let go of the umbilical cord: So how do you handle being the 2 woman in his life, and when is this a complete dealbreaker? This is a scenario where you can expect much of the same from him when it comes to you. Does he call her about five hundred times a day, keeping her updated on every tiny aspect of his life including the personal, intimate details of your relationship?

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Kelson As a young girl growing up in the south, I often heard that there was no deeper bond than that between a boy and his mama. Back in my single years, I took it as a good sign if the man I was involved with had a good relationship with his mother. However, like many things in life, it is possible for a mother or a father for that matter to be too supportive and actually be an enabler. In most cases, these questionable behaviors are overwhelmingly supported by their mothers.

Oh he drives me crazy.

Why women must urinate after sex 1. His mother comes over unannounced. Do you need any other reason? She comes over to check on laundry, utensils, the food in the fridge and if he is being fed well. She will even do the laundry and dishes in the kitchen. He idolises his mother. To him, his mother is a superwoman and the standard measure of a perfect definition of what a woman should be. His mothers opinion is final or weightier. When all the time he has to call his mother to consult abut major family decisions or even about his own future instead of you, he is a mama’s boy.

Despise you having a one -on -one conversation with him in her absence, she will always interfere. He knows better how she gets to know. If mum does not approve of anything, forget about it dear. He treats you like the best thing in the world. Mama’s boys have an advantage, they respect and adore women and for this reason you as the wife will benefit immensely.

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Sorry, something has gone wrong. Firstly, ask your boyfriend if you in any way, have similar qualities with his mother. You then have to ask yourself ‘can I deal with this exact behaviour with him long-term’. If you answer ‘no’ it’s time to get out of the relationship. I have a “horror” story that I think you may be able to relate to.

She flings, lives and does his tips on dating a mamas boy.

But what if you find yourself playing second fiddle to his mother, or even worse, playing surrogate mama in her absence? What do you do then? Watching a codependent mother-son relationship play out is a rather unsightly and disturbing thing to witness, in my opinion. Here are some signs that you are dating a man whose relationship with his mama will always come first.

A man who is always doing what his mother says can torpedo a relationship real fast. What if she ends up not liking you? Do you think he will stay with you, or rather, leave because of her influence? Also, if his mama tells him every move to make, it can condition him to be a lazy thinker so you may end up being the voice of reason for everything in her absence.

Sure, he may pay a bill or two, but this man has no idea what it means to live on his own, do his own grocery shopping, or even how to budget. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man checking in with his mama. Patience is key, but only you know how much you can take. Trending on MadameNoire Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section.


I guess I didn’t clarify it all that well before. As for me per se, I don’t quite feel I’m that averse to taking decisions because of mum. I might be wrong but still.. I just have a constant feeling hovering over my mind that my mum has done a great deal of stuff and sacrifices for me.

You know you can rely on him.

Not many women like men who are mama’s boys. Every intimate detail of your love life will be hers to know and keep, too. My point is, zodiac signs who are mamas boys are almost as hard to deal with as their moms. If you decide to date them, just be warned. Plus, the fact that Gemini is basically already a man-child means he never has to change how he acts because he knows that his mom already loves him for who he is.

Obviously, Gemini can barely choose between a sandwich and a salad for lunch, so he loves the fact that he can run all of his decisions by his mom first. She might not physically do any of these things, but you can bet that she tells him how to write a check or how to get dried food stains off plates. He uses the excuse that family is everything whenever he needs to ditch friends to help his mom, but in reality, Capricorn would rather just hang out with her instead because she never judges and she made cookies.

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Dating a mamas boy

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Let me start by saying, there are good single mothers in our society and I applaud those women. They work tirelessly, with little or no help, to see that their children are provided for and well rounded. The sacrifices they make for their families cannot be measured in any lifetime.

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We are all attracted to the wrong type of guys when it comes to dating. Many of these guys are actually mama’s boys who like being around women. They hurt you and you are puzzled why you are still hanging on to him. As a woman you are not ready to be treated as second best. You always want to be the best in the eyes of the man in your life.

That is why dating a mama’s boy is such a pain. It isn’t a good idea if your boyfriend adores or worships his mother. You can get out of the relationship because sweet heart you are better than a doormat. You are a diva in the making and you can only realize that after getting over that chump of a man. Mama should always be loved and respected but it feels bad when she seems to control your life. Why do you think a man becomes a mama’s boy?

This is a situation which is mostly created by the mother.

Relationship Turn-Offs: The Mama’s Boy

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